After years of experience in marketing, and in some branches of tourism we have designed a place where we can give the best to our clients.

Our goal is to present Dalmatia with its special features in the tourism industry. From culture, gastronomy and nautical to different forms of entertainment and sports.

Our advertisers are participants in tourism that promote and tend to preserving original values ​​and tradition which promote our culture and gastronomy, organize various events and promote our natural beauty.

Visitors who seek the best place for vacation will be provided with enough information and they can choose an ideal destination for themselves.

Internet is an indispensable communication channel with consumers which increasingly occupies a leading position. Creating a website isn’t enough anymore, you have to keep investing the promotion of services and products. The Internet provides unlimited possibilities.
Internet marketing is not static and it is necessary to actively participate and update information about management and offers.


Video is the fastest growing channel of communication with consumers.
It aims to attract visitors and increase your sales.
There are numerous possibilities in video production, from promotional videos, tourist films to reports of current events.


Gathering clients that will work together and share their business practices. Providing visitors with quality and special offers.


We are accessing Clients individualy in order to create the best plan according to their wishes and needs of marketing. We are actively cooperating over the year and we are always available to take an extra step for a better promotion of products.

Our main priority is taking care of our clients!

Promo Dalmatia  j.d.o.o.

Ante Starčevića 8c, 23000 Zadar


Nadležni sud: Trgovački sud u Zadru

MBS: 4456220

OIB: 18644431242

Tvrtka: PROMO DALMATIA  j.d.o.o. za marketing

Sjedište/adresa: Zadar (Grad Zadar) Ante Starčevića 8/C

Temeljni kapital: 10,00 kuna

Pravni oblik: Jednostavno društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću

Osnivači/članovi društva: Anita Nobilo, OIB:86024593686  Zadar, Ante Starčevića 8/C – jedini član j.d.o.o.

Osobe ovlaštene za zastupanje:

Anita Nobilo, OIB:86024593686  Zadar, Ante Starčevića8c

– član uprave

– direktor, zastupa društvo samostalno i neograničeno.