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IPL PHOTOEPILATION is an innovation for long lasting hair removal of all colors. It works on dark and light skin. The delivered energy of the intense pulsed light EFB beaute destroys the hair follicle in the growth phase. It can be done on the face and body, and it takes up to 6 treatments average.

Intense Pulsed Light photoepilation is completely non-aggressive and painless, while classical methods last long, often can be painful and certainly short-term.

The treated area is disinfected, coated with a neutral gel layer and lit with a short flash. Duration of treatment depends on the area being treated. After treatment, cream or make-up can be applied immediately.

Pulsed light emitted by powerful, short flashes penetrates deep into the skin. The energy of light absorbs the melanin contained in the flesh, transmits it to the roots of the hair causing its termodynamics. Dark hair contains a lot of pigment and therefore such hair becomes very warm. This heat is transferred to the walls and the bottom of the hair root, which is why it burns and stops functioning.

Ideal person for treatment is with light skin and dark hair. People with blond, copper or brown hair are less responsive to treatment, so more treatments is needed.



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