Kayak for rent beach Privlaka sea adventure

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As much as rowing is a simple sport, a great variety of kayaks can determine whether this will be an interesting adventure!

The kayaks can be in various shapes, and technological progress is achieved with a new design and some new types of kayaks of new materials.

Kayaks are an interesting choice for family fun or simply  fun experience!  

Types of kayaks FEELFREE:




– the waistcoat
– vesla
– a waterproof bag

Feelfree Juntos kayak is a recreational one-seat kayak with additional seating perfect for a kayak who wants to spend unforgettable moments together with your baby or pet. The child seat is located at the bow of the kayak so that the kayak and the child are seated opposite each other, allowing the rowing machine to always see their child.

Feelfree Gemini kayak is a new, modern and very comfortable kayak type two-seater. Fast and fun for two, Feelfree Gemini perfectly performs the role of two-seater kayak, regardless of whether you are exploring with him all day, hunting a fish or having fun with your family. With an extra extended base, the hull easily carries two kayaks, while in the middle there is still room for a child or a pet. This kayak offers excellent family or friendly water-pleasures.

Feelfree Corona kayak is a comfortable, stable and multifunctional family kayak two seats or three seats with three different seat configurations. The central part of the kayak can be used as an extra space. Corona is one of the few sit-on-top kayaks, which truly offers space for two adults, older children and accessories. Feelfree Corona kayak is also great when additional luggage storage space is required if multi-day camping is planned.

Feelfree kayaks have been present on the Croatian coast for years and are popular among the renters because of their shape, ease of rowing and quality.

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