Personal information is all information pertaining to an individual whose identity has been identified or can be identified. Different information, collectively collected, can result in identification of a particular person, also make personal information.

The personal information of the users and clients of the portal will be collected, processed and used by the owner of Promo Dalmatia j.d.o.o. in accordance with the privacy policy. The primary purpose of collecting personal data of users is to provide services, improve the quality of services, and inform users about the existing and new services of the portal

The personal data of the user is authorized to use Promo Dalmatia j.d.o., exclusively for the purpose of providing, improving and charging the services.

THE RIGHT TO ACCESS TO PERSONAL DATA AND THE RIGHT TO COMPLETE AND DISCLAIMER undertakes to provide the protection of personal information of users and clients, inform users of the manner of use of the collected data, regularly give users the choice of using their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to remove their name from the list used for marketing . All customer information is strictly maintained in accordance with the privacy policy in accordance with national and international privacy and privacy laws:

General EU Data Protection Regulation – GDPR 2016/67
Law on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Act, OG no. 42/2018
Law on Electronic Communications

Pursuant to the EU Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Data Protection Act, Promo Dalmatia j.d.o.o keeps the privacy of its users, collects only the necessary data for business purposes, and complies with statutory obligations. Data is kept at least for the duration of business needs. The data may be forwarded to the competent state authority in the implementation of the statutory authority of the state authority.
Any inquiries or remarks related to the above mentioned law and the collection of personal data may be provided by the user via email to the following address:

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What are cookies?
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Does use cookies?

Yes, with a view to providing users with a better user experience.

What kind of cookies does Promodalmatia use?

What kind of cookies does use and why? uses temporary cookies – these are temporary cookies that point out (and are automatically deleted) when you close the Internet browser. uses session cookies to allow access to content.
Persistent cookies – usually have an expiration date far in the future and will remain in your browser until it expires, or until you manually delete them. uses persistent better understanding of user habits, so can improve the page according to the habits of users. This information is anonymous – no individual user information is visible.

MEASUREMENT OF POSSIBILITY uses the Google Analytics metering service.
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In the event of any form of threat, the privacy of the data kept within our database Promo Dalmatia j.d.o.o. it will notify all relevant persons and competent authorities within the statutory deadline, and after it becomes aware that there has been an offense, and if it is obvious that the stolen data is stored in such a way as to be able to reveal the identity of the data owner during a theft.


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