In 2006,The tavern Dalmatia was opened.The tavern is located in Nin, the oldest Croatian royal city with the smallest cathedral in the world. The town of Nin has a rich cultural heritage and preserved nature.
The tavern gives a traditional ambience and has a rich local dishes made from local ingredients and experienced staff in the culinary world. With fish, vegetables, olive oil and quality wine we are especially proud of our traditional under the lid squid dishes.
The tavern is located in the old family house restored and furnished with natural materials, mostly from Dalmatian stone and it holds a lot of pleasant memories.

Since we nurture our tradition, we always guarantee fresh ingredients for excellent food and taste. In the spring we offer dishes with asparagus and shrimps, spagetti, risotto and omelet’s. IN the summer our offer is exceptionally rich and broad with daily fresh fish and šokol, Nin’s indigenous local dried meat product. Autumn is the time for undel the lid dishes and local calamari dishes. We also organize various celebrations, banquts and other special parties up to 35 people.

Relax in the ambient and experience Dalmatia from the past.


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