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Radio Derm and Cryo Derm body shapers and skin tones!

Impressive results in the fields of body shaping and skin toning! They will help you regain a shining happy appearance and remove various skin imperfections!


Your skin will be smooth firm and toned!

Face treatment begins with microdermabrasion and radial endodermo therapy RDT. The deep layers of the skin are then heated and the process is completed by cooling.

Diamond microdermabrasion provides a simple approach to healthier, younger-looking skin for women and men of all ages. Diamond microdermabrasion provides easy and controlled removal of surface. It stimulates collagen and stimulates the creation of new cells in the deepest layer of epidermis. Diamond microdermabrasion is used to remove skin irregularities such as sun damage, acne scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles and tiny pigment irregularities. It induces collagen stimulation and promotes the production of new cells in the basal (deepest) layer of the dermis what gives the skin an overall fresh, healthy-looking glow.

Radical Endodermic Therapy (RDT®) is a pleasant vacuum massage that improves capillary blood flow. Significantly increases capillary fatigue, which increases the intake of natural nutrients, oxygen, oligo elements and enzymes. The structure of collagen and elastic fibers and facial muscle tone is improved. After the therapy the skin is smooth, toned and firm. This is visible on the face and a lifting effect and successfully used all over the body to reduce cellulite.

We continue with CPTechnology ™ and end up with deep cooling (cryo). The results are visible after the first treatment.Innovative CPTechnology ™ allows even heating of subcutaneous and deeper tissues.The heat improves circulation, speeds up the metabolism, increases muscle tone, stretches tissue, activates fibroplastsand triggers the formation of new collagen. It is used to remove wrinkles, increase tonus of the skin, reduce fat deposits and cellulite.

Cryotherapy uses heating and cooling as a well established health and beauty improvement therapy. Cryo therapy is an extremely innovative therapy that becomes more effective in combination with other methods (diamond microdermabrasion, radial endodermic therapy and CPTechnology ™). It improves circulation, increases tone and speeds up fat reduction.

Therapy procedure
THe different therapies can be performed individually, but the most effective procedure is to combine therapies. They can be performed both on the face and on the rest of the body. For the face, first we clean the skin and they we use diamond microdermoabrasion to remove the old surface layer of the skin. Later we use Radial endodermo therapy (vacuum therapy)to activate fibroblasts and the growth of new cells. Therapy continues using CPTechnology that heats deeper skin layers. The procedure usually ends with cryotherapy that cools the skin and makes it firm for a longer period. All the therapies together require approximately 60 minutes for the face.

If the therapies are performed on the body the total duration depends on the size of the treatment areas. Results are already visible after the first session, but 4 to 6 weekly sesions are recommended for the face while 10 t0 15 sessions are recommended for the body. After therapy you look fresh and rejuvenated.

Everyone who has trouble with wrinkles or wants to avoid such trouble is suitable for therapy. The therapies are also successfully used to treat ACNES CARS, STRETCH MARKS, AGE AND SUN SPOTS, BLACKHEADS, ENLARGED PORES, PIGMENTATION.


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